Billy Bob San Antonio – Dating Your Spouse – Thinking Outside the Box

In the hustle and bustle of life sometimes the most important relationships are taken for granted. Billy Bob, a San Antonio native and loving father of two children, has been married to his wife Julie since they were 19 years old. For many in this type of relationship, it can be difficult to continually put one’s spouse first and make time for him or her. Although he has a busy schedule, the dedicated family man believes in always finding ways to date his wife even if they are not in the most conventional ways.

Making time, no matter how short matter. Whether you schedule a lunch date between meetings or even plan on breakfast at the kitchen table in the morning, squeezing in extra time can be valuable in overall quality of life together. Sending messages throughout the day to remind one another that the other person is thinking of him or her is also important in keeping a spouse in a place of importance in one’s daily routine.

Although it may be difficult, and costly, to hire babysitters or take time off to go out, thinking outside of the box can go a long way in putting a spouse first. Often the simplest gestures will be greatly appreciated! Cooking a dinner that the other person in particular enjoys or recording a show that he or she likes to watch together once the kids are asleep are simple ways to show affection. For Billy Bob, taking his wife out in San Antonio is one of his favorite ways to show his wife he cares.