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Billy Bob San Antonio – Restoring Classic Cars Without Breaking the Bank

Restoring a classic car should be a leisurely process that brings joy to the owner. Billy Bob San Antonio auto parts salesman, has always had a love for car restoration and a soft spot for auto parts. Working with cars has been in his blood from a young age and is considered a tradition in his family that he is now passing on two his two children. Although he greatly enjoys the time he spends with his family restoring his 1964 Thunderbird, he also knows he can’t let the project get out of hand and break the bank.

Restoring a classic car can take upwards of 1,000 hours. Investing time and money into a project of that magnitude is an important decision. Many who love restoring old cars have found ways to cut down on costs, with one of the more obvious being to do the work themselves. Completing as much bodywork alone as possible is important when trying to cut cost. Calling around for parts, comparing costs, and evaluating the level of authenticity that is desired for the project can all be vital parts of car restoration on a budget.

As someone who enjoys restoring cars as a leisure project, Billy Bob is able to call San Antonio vehicle salvage centers and take his time throughout the process. He believes in keeping the car as true to its former self as possible and staying authentic as he goes. Teaching his children has been an enjoyable pastime and is truly what the car restoration process embodies for many who enjoy the history and nostalgia of working on classics.