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Billy Bob San Antonio – Family Traditions

Billy Bob is a San Antonio native who knows the importance of family. After marrying is high school sweetheart while still in their teens, he is as devoted as ever to his wife and their two children. Since working at an auto store for the past twenty years, he has built a name for himself with customers and takes pride in the strong work ethic that he has illustrated for his children. He spends his free time restoring classic cars and is currently working with his kids to restore a 1964 Thunderbird. Having a passion for cars has made his work a family tradition and a profound part of his children’s’ childhood.

Having an interest that can be shared with family can enrich relationships and make for stronger trust and security. Giving children a creative outlet at a young age can prevent them from seeking interests in undesirable places later in life and also give them a leg up on their peers with talents and hobbies nurtured since childhood.

Passing on family traditions can be an important aspect of who a person is and how he or she identifies with their relatives and others. When a family holds traditions in a place of value in their lives, there is often a stronger connection and respect between generations. For Billy Bob San Antonio, raising his children in San Antonio where he is and wife grew up and met, as well as impressing upon them his love of cars, has been an important aspect of how he relates with his kids and has created a tradition for generations to come.

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